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Ginkgo Chair

The Ginkgo Chair is a plywood chair designed for both domestic and public uses. The seat and back are come out of the same mold and connected with butterfly tenons. The gap between two plywood boards allows legs to come through and makes the chair stackable. The wrapped-up feeling provided by Ginkgo Chair is rare to find in other plywood chairs.

Most shell-shaped chairs are plastic, and customers enjoy their comfort and wrapped feelings. However, plastic can cause many environmental issues, we hope to reduce the use of plastic and replace it with plywood.


The difficulty in making shell-shaped plywood chairs is that the material is very prone to wrinkling when it is bent in 3D, thereby affecting the appearance. In order to solve this problem, the Ginkgo Chair hollowed out the place where it was easy to wrinkle, replaced it with two pieces of the same plywood board, and then used a butterfly tenon to link them together. By doing this, the chair achieves the same comfort as plastic chairs and more environmentally friendly.The shape of the seat and the back is the same, they can be pressed from the same mold which saves cost and material.

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By using the same design language, the Ginkgo chair series has developed into four products, Ginkgo chair, Ginkgo Bar Chair, Ginkgo Lounge Chair, and Ginkgo Upholstery Chair.

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Ginkgo Chair


Ginkgo Lounge Chair


Ginkgo Bar Chair


Ginkgo Upholstery Chair

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