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When I was a kid I didn’t understand what is nostalgia. Aftera grow up, every time when I was alone, I always remember the nostalgic poem taught by my parents, that becomes the beginning of the design.

The Tranquil Night was one of the poems which taught by my parent when I was young. The romantic nostalgia which conveyed from this poem couldn’t be understood by me at that time. When I went to college which is 1000 miles away

from home, every time when I felt homesickness, I will recall that poem and gradually understand what nostalgia is. So I decided to de transfer the image of the poem into a product to express my feeling of homesickness. 

From poem to object : “Abed, I see a silver light, I wonder if it's frost aground . ” From this verse I extract two images, the moonlight (silver light) and the frost. the moon is up to the sky and the frost is down to the ground, so I use upward projection to express moon and downward illumination to represent the frost.


In order to make users pay most of their attention to the projection of moon and frost, I reduce the influence of lights' shape design to the minimum and only basic functions are guaranteed. 


The whole lampshade's angle can be adjusted freely so as to adapt to various environments and different demands of use.


Night light 

The two lights inside the lampshade can be controlled separately. For example, the projection of moon can be independently applied as the atmosphere lamp or night light.


Reading light

Whenever I see this light, I feel like I were back to the childhood and accompanied by my family.

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